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Welcome to the website for the South Shore Harbour LGA!  Our association was started in 1985 for the amateur women golfers in our area.  Our objective is to promote and stimulate interest in the game of golf.  We are a group of ladies of all ages and skill levels so whether you are a novice or “seasoned” golfer, we have a place for you. Throughout the year, you will have an opportunity to play with different ladies and get to know many of the members.  
Our golfing season is from February until November.  We have three scheduled play days each week:  Monday at Magnolia Creek; and, Wednesday and Saturday at South Shore Harbour.   But, no matter where you play, we will always be one organization:  The South Shore Harbour LGA.
We have many tournaments scheduled this year so we hope you can participate in some or all of these great events.  However, sometimes life dictates a different schedule for us.  But, as a member you are always welcomed to join us for our “after golf” parties either held at the club or at a member’s house.  We are all about socializing and camaraderie with our fellow members because that’s one of the things that makes us a great organization.  
We hope to see you on the golf course!  
Linda Duryea

Linda Duryea

1st Vice-President (Wednesday Play Day)
Sandi Dull (Asst: Diane Gillette)

2nd Vice-President (Saturday Play Day)    
Diana Vega (Asst: Joy Busch)

3rd Vice-President (Monday Play Day)
Brenda Nichols (Asst: Beth Kennedy)

Karen Chamberlain
Karen Waltzer
Joan Del Papa

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