Interclub - SSH LGA 2017

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COURSES: Galveston CC  -- Tuesday
Magnolia Creek -- Monday Moody Gardens -- Wednesday Timbercreek -- Tuesday $36 +
$35 +
$25 +
$33 +
DATES: February 13 Magnolia Creek
March 15 Moody Gardens
April 11 Timbercreek

OPEN May 16 Galveston CC
MONTH Keep "extra" month course in rotation yearly.

RAIN DATES: To be re-scheduled by host team - within a reasonable time period

COST: $5.00 per player - collected by club rep and given to host rep.  Host rep will give to winning team rep and she will disperse to her players -- monthly

PAYMENT: Each player will pay the host club pro shop directly for the green fees.

TROPHY: To winning team at end of season.
To be circulated each year to winning team with name etched on to plaque Etched by team passing it to winning team

PLAYERS: To be associated with only one club (for match play)
Must commit to 6 players per tournament - can be different players, but must be associated with your club (for match play purposes)
2 person teams to be paired by closest index - then paired against the 2 closest indexes of their opponent team for that month

GHIN/INDEX:  Must have current and valid GHIN - Max Handicap 30

SIGN UP: Reps to get list of players with 1st of month index to host rep - NO LATER THAN - 1 week prior to play.

CARDS: To be "dotted" and filled out by hosting club.

LUNCH: Optional - not included in price  - may order on sign up sheet prior to golf or off menu at end of play

SCORING: USGA Matchplay rules are in effect.
2 person team -  times 3 teams
2 person best ball modified matchplay
1 point win hole, 1/2 point tie hole, 0 for loss of hole
No total gross or net score -- point system per hole only  --NET

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE- Tell your players - If you are out of the hole PICK UP YOUR BALL!

All 18 holes played - total points added to team score (6 players)
End of play - (that day) - monies to be dispersed evenly between winning team Total Points will be added together for end of season total. Team with most points end of season gets trophy for 1 year till next season winner.

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