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Play Day Events

                                                                                           Glossary of Play Day Events

All play day scores are based on NET SCORES except when specified by the play day vice-president.
ANIMAL GOLF   Each group of players will be given cards to be passed around as play proceeds.  Points will be added or deducted from net scores at the end of play.
BEAT THE PRO   Player’s net scores must beat Pro’s gross score for 18 holes.
BINGLE/BANGLE/BUNGLE   This format awards three points on each hole.  One point is given to the player whose ball first comes to rest on the clipped green; a second point is given to the player who ball is nearest the cup after all players are on the green; and the third point is given to the player who first sinks her putt.  Player honor must be observed (farthest away plays first).
BLIND NINE   Player chooses nine hole to count as score before teeing off.  Total net score, take strokes where they fall.
BLIND PARTNER    Each player will draw for a partner after play.  Scores will be based on the best ball of the partners. (Full handicap)
CHOOSE YOUR PARTNER     A member will play with a partner of their choosing.  One best net score of the twosome will be used on each hole.  
CONVERT 2 WORST HOLES TO PAR    Players will select her two worst holes and convert the score of these two holes to gross par.  Handicap for those holes will then be applied.  Deductions.  Players get to throw out their worst nine holes, either or the front or the back.  Full handicap is divided by 2.  If uneven, the most strokes are taken on the front nine. (EX:  Player with a 17 handicap will take 9 strokes on the front and 8 on the back).  Strokes subtracted from gross score of the nine.
DERBY    Players play nine holes, then the 10 players with the lowest net scores have a shoot-out.  In the shoot-out, one or more players are eliminated per hole. Full handicap.
EVEN HOLES   Only even holes are counted for score.  Take strokes where they fall.
FLAG TOURNAMENT     Each player receives a flag with their name and number of strokes.  Strokes are determined by their handicap plus 72.  (Ex:  Handicap is 32, plus course rating of 72, strokes would be 104)  When each player reaches her maximum point, she must plant her flag. (Full handicap)
LOW GROSS    Player will play in flight.  Gross winners in each flight.
LOW NET     Players will play in flight.  Net winners in each flight.
LOW PUTTS     Player’s score is based on their number of putts.
MUTT & JEFF     Score is based on the 4 shortest and the 5 longest holes. (Full handicap)  Take strokes where they fall.
MODIFIED SCRAMBLE     Four person scramble.  All players hit from the tee.  The best ball is chosen and the three players whose ball is not chosen will hit from that point.  The person whose ball is selected will not hit.  Format continues until the best of the three balls on the green is selected.  One the ball on the green is chosen, all four players putt until the ball is holed.
NICKLE POT PUTTS     Players puts in a nickel for each putt for 18 holes.  The player with the lowest number of putts win the pot.
ODD HOLES     Only odd holes are counted for score.  Take strokes where they fall.
O-N-E-S     Player counts holes that begin with the letter O N E S.  (Ex: 1,6,7)  Take strokes where they fall.
PAR 3’s and 5’s    Player counts only the par 3’s and par 5’s for score.  Take strokes where they fall.
PAR 4’s and 5’s     Player counts on the par 4’s and 5’s for score.  Take strokes where they fall.
PICK 4 CLUBS     Player must choose 4 clubs from their bag.  Only those 4 clubs can be used on the course for the play day.  Putter IS considered one of the clubs chosen.  Posting scores is the GHIN is optional.
PICK NINE BEST BALLS     Players will choose their best 9 net scores, regardless of where they fall.  The sum of these 9 holes will be considered their 9-hole score.  One-half handicap applies.
PICK THREE     Before teeing off player will pick 3 par 3’s, 3 par 4’s and 3 par 5’s to count as score.  Take strokes where they fall.
RED BALL TOURNAMENT    Four person teams.  Each team will receive a ball designated as a RED BALL.  Each player will play the red ball from tee to green for one hole.  Ball will continue to rotate from player to player until it is lost or round is completed.  Whatever rotation the team begins with stays the same throughout the round.  The team score will be two best balls of the foursome, with a prize for the team who does not lose the red ball.
RED/WHITE/BLUE SCRAMBLE     Four person scramble.  Before play, team chooses 9 holes to tee from the red tees, 6 holes from the white tees, and 3 holes from the blue tees.  All players may play all shots.
SKINS     Player must out right win the hole.  No ties. (Full handicap)
STAPLEFORD     Player’s score will be based on points.  Bogie=1 point.  Par=2 points.  Birdie=3 points. Eagle=5 points.  Net score winner.
T’s and F’s     Player counts holes that begin with T or F.  (Ex. 2,3,4,5,10,12,13,14,15) Take strokes where they fall.  Tee to Green Players will count only the number of strokes it takes to reach the putting surface.  Ball must come to rest on the green not the fringe.  Net Winner.
TWO BEST BALLS OF THE FOURSOME     Four person teams.  Score is based on the two best net scores of the foursome on each hole.  (Full handicap)
TWO PERSON BEST BALL    Two person teams.  Score is based on the best ball of the two.  (Full handicap)
TRICK OR TREAT     Players will be informed after play what the tricks or treats will be.
TURKEY SHOOT     Net winner wins a Turkey (Full handicap)

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