Standing Rules - SSH LGA 2017

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Standing Rules

                                                                                               South Shore Harbour Ladies Golf Association Standing Rules

A minimum of 6 (six) weekday group players, or 6 (six) Saturday group players completing play, constitutes an 18-hole play day for weekly competition.  If less than 6 members play, those playing will be given credit for a play day toward the number of play days needed for end of the year award.  The time for signing up for a play day will be at the discretion of the play day Vice-President.

2. It is the responsibility of each player to record her scores on the Ringer Sheet and play day sheet at the end of each play day.  A player is eligible for ringer awards after one play day score is recorded.

3. Play day flights shall be determined at the discretion of the Vice President.  Also, play day prizes will be awarded based on net scores unless otherwise specified by the vice president.

4. There will be an entry fee for any major tournament scheduled during the year.  Entry fees will be payable in advance by check or cash and not charged to your account in the pro shop. In order to receive a full refund of a tournament entry fee, a participant MUST cancel prior to forty-eight (48) hours of the first scheduled tee-time for the tournament.  Participants canceling within the 48 hours will receive a refund of the original entry fee, less $15.00.

5. In any tournament event, the tournament chairs shall be responsible for all the decisions and procedures.

6. LGA members shall play to a maximum handicap of 36 in all LGA sponsored events.

7. A handicap must be established (minimum of 5 scores recorded) to be eligible for competition.

8. There will be year-end awards.  To be eligible a player must have posted at least 10 play day scores.  However, In the event weather has been an issue throughout the year and has caused the majority of players not to participate, the vice president can adjust the number of days at her discretion.

9. A play day can only be applied to the day of the week it was played.

10. For tournaments that fall on a play day, the score is eligible for awards provided an individual score is posted for 18 holes and the score is reported to the vice president.

11. There is no limit as to the number of awards an individual player may earn.

12. Awards will be given for birdies and eagles made during a play day or LGA tournament round.  It is the player’s responsibility to report birdies and eagles to the Vice-president on the play day sheet.  Also, a birdie slip of paper should be filled out by the player and placed in the designated pocket on the bulletin board.

13. Play day prizes will be given as follows:
6 players:  1 place
7-12 players: 2 places
13-18 players: 3 places
19-24 players: 4 places

14. The General meeting schedule will be determined and posted by the Board of Directors no later than January 31 st for the current year.

15.To speed up play, a maximum of ten (10) strokes will be used on any given hole for play days only.

16. Except for the Lighthouse Invitational, in order to play in a SSHLGA sponsored event, a player must be a member of the SSHLGA.

17. The LGA Championship shall be open to any member of the SSHLGA.

18. The secretary will post the minutes of each General Meeting on the bulletin board one week following the meeting.  The minutes will also be emailed to the membership.

19. Dues are due and payable at the first General Meeting in January and must be paid for competitive eligibility.

20. On play days where it is "cart paths only" due to wet course conditions, the players may "lift, clean and place" their ball through the green.  Once this rule is invoked it shall not be changed during a stipulated round.

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